Writing A Check

You get your paycheck every week of the game, but we haven’t asked you to write out a physical check yourself. These days, most transactions in a “Checking Account” come from debit cards or other direct withdraws. However, there are still some situations where you might need to write a physical check to make a payment – and you’ll need to know how to do it right!

Parts of a Check

If you’ve received a paycheck, you already know what parts are there. But when you write out a check yourself, you’ll need to pay attention to where everything goes:

Checks can also optionally include a memo, which is a note to remind yourself or the person you’re paying why you wrote this check. The Memo is found on the bottom left of the check.

Your bank will either mail you back your cancelled checks after they were cashed, or you can see scans of them online, so the memo can be a good reminder of what the payment was for.

Try It!

See if you can identify how to properly fill out a check. In this example, your name is Mark Brookshire, and you are writing a check to City Cable Company on April 18, 2019 for $142, to pay for your March bill. Drag the elements from the right side onto the place on the check where they belong.