Financial Literacy Month Budgeting Competition

Financial Literacy Month Budgeting Competition

April is Financial Literacy Month, and we at Personal Finance Lab are excited to announce our free National Budgeting Competition!

Students taken on the role of a college student with a part time job – they will need to manage their variable income, unexpected expenses, and tough decisions as they work to improve their Net Worth, Credit Score, and Quality of Life. The competition is open for the month of April 2020, and consists of 12 virtual “months” (each month takes about 20 minutes to complete).

Students must navigate through personal finance lessons, difficult spending choices, and learn how to navigate uncertainty to succeed!

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Registration and Prizes

The top 10 students by Game Score at the end of the competition will each receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card (all winners are subject to an audit).

How To Play

Using The Budgeting Game In Your Classroom

Once you have created your teacher account, check out our Teacher Packet for best practices on using the Budget Game in your classes, lesson plans, videos, and more teacher help!

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