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Get the complete Personal Finance Lab customizable Stock Market Game, Budget Game, and Curriculum platform for your class! This combines our cutting-edge stock game, personal budgeting game, and curriculum library with over 300 lessons aligned to state and national standards for Personal Finance, Economics, and Business classes into one amazing learning resource for high schools.

After completing your order, you will be taken to a second screen where you will create your username and password, and generate accounts for your students.

  • The Budgeting Game puts your students in the role of college students with a part-time job, managing income, expenses, their credit card, and maintaining a work/life/study balance
  • The Stock Market Game is a real-time investing simulation with streaming prices, live rankings, integrated research, and dozens of customizable reports
  • The Curriculum Library has over 300 lessons built to both state and national standards for Personal Finance, Economics, Business, Accounting, Management, Investments, and Math
  • …Plus our Career Center, with over 500,000 real job and internship postings, resume help, job search tips, and information on common certifications

Prices are per student. If you are working with more than 10 students in a traditional school, please also refer to our standard school licenses by clicking here.


This package includes the Personal Finance Lab Budgeting Game, Stock Market Game, and access to our complete Curriculum Library!

The Budgeting Game


Our budgeting game puts your students in the role of a college student with a part-time job. Students review their expected monthly cash inflow, and then review their expected expenses of rent, car loan, groceries, utilities, etc.

Students then roll the online dice and advance through the days of the month and face life’s random events. Flat tires on the way to work, unexpectedly high utility bills, expensive grocery bills, and medical bills all present challenges for students to survive on their limited cash flow. They will have to use their credit card at times to “make ends meet.” Then they have to remember to pay their bills on time or they see their credit score drop, their late fees pile up, and their interest rates increase.

Decisions they make in the game have long-lasting consequences too! The decision trees follow probabilities – so students are encouraged to identify their own personal level of risk they are comfortable with. For example, students need to decide whether to work, study, socialize, or take care of chores each weekend. Working extra hours helps their bottom line, but neglecting their studies can result in expensive emergency tutoring sessions!

The Stock Game

Using stock games in class gives your students a whole new perspective on the world around them. By the end of your class simulation, your student’s thought process gets transformed from “I’m going to the store to buy some food” to “I’m going outside in my Nike (NKE) shoes, Wrangler (VFC) Jeans, and Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) t-shirt, to the Bank of America (BAC) ATM to get cash, then drive my Ford (F) car rolling on Goodyear (GT) tires with BP (BP) gas to Walmart (WMT) to buy Charmin (PG) toilet paper, Crest (PG) toothpaste, Coca-Cola (KO), and Ben and Jerry’s (UL) Ice Cream.

This helps students take stock of how they spend their own money, and how businesses operate in the real world – fostering a new level of critical thinking and understanding of finance and economics. Why does Charmin toilet paper and Crest toothpaste have the same stock symbol? Built-in tutorials help students get started and streaming class rankings maximizes engagement. Hundreds of built-in lessons from our curriculum library come with automatic assessments, all without missing a beat!

The Curriculum

Our curriculum library has over 300 lessons aligned to both state and national standards for Personal Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Investing, and Math classes. Each week, pick and choose which topics you want to include, based on your class’s specific course outline.

Lessons include articles (between 1000 and 2000 words each, written between a 6th and 9th grade reading level), videos, infographics, and mini-games. Each lesson ends with a “pop quiz”, acting as an assessment. Teachers can choose whether students can re-take quizzes for a higher score, or if the first attempt gets saved to a “grade book”. At the end of each week’s Assignment, teachers can also include a final Unit Assessment, borrowing quiz questions from the material that preceded it. We also included our Investing 101 Beginner’s Investing Course, a 10-chapter e-learning course guiding students from the very basics through advanced research and trading techniques centered on personal investing.

This all comes packed with teacher reports, student feedback, and engaging ties back to the stock game and budget game! We also have a library of lesson plans showing how to use the lessons in class (along with more direct instruction and group-based activities), plus a library of Google Slides presentations accompanying our most popular Lessons, so they can be used both for direct instruction and self-directed learning.

The Career Center

As a bonus, all classes on Personal Finance Lab have access to our Career Center! This resource has resume help and job/internship search tips, plus information on the most important certifications in the finance industry necessary to launch a career. It also includes our Job and Internship Search Tool, which pulls in over 500,000 real job and internship postings from Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

This can be used both for students to find and apply for internships, or as a class tool for students to “work backwards” from their dream job to build a plan on how they will build all the necessary skills and experience.

What’s Inside

  • Cutting-edge real-time high school stock game
  • Realistic, consequence-driven high school budgeting game
  • Live streaming rankings of your entire class for extra engagement
  • Built-in research, both in the Research Center and directly in the trading page
  • Interactive charts, company news feeds, streaming prices
  • Teacher Reports
  • Live teacher support via live chat and 800 number, plus on-demand webinars
  • …Plus the Personal Finance Lab curriculum library with over 300 customizable, standards-aligned lessons for high school Personal Finance, Economics, and Business with built-in assessments
  • …Along with our Investing101 course, which can be used both in class or as independent study
  • …And our lesson plan and Google Slides archives, showing exactly how to use everything effectively in class!

What You Get

After completing your order, you will be taken to a screen where you will choose your username/password for your teacher account, and generate accounts for your students. As the instructor, you will have an “Instructor Administration” page where you can view your student’s activities throughout the game. Your instructor account can also play along, but you will not appear on the Rankings pages. Teachers will have immediate access to our “Live Chat” and 800-number teacher support hotline.

If you have any questions, please reach out to sales@personalfinancelab.com, or give us a call at 1-(800) 786-8725 ext. 365

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