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An Interactive Teaching Tool For High School Financial Literacy, Economics, and Business Classes

  • Customizable Personal Budgeting Game
  • Customizable Stock Market Game
  • 300+ Lesson Curriculum With Built-In Assessments
  • Over A Dozen Customizable Teacher Reports

The Personal Finance Lab Platform


Stock Market Games


Cutting-edge real-time stock game, with live streaming class rankings, instant order execution, tons of reports, and integrated research!

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Personal Budgeting Games


Consequence-driven personal budget game, where choices matter! Students take on the role of a college student with a part-time job, managing income, expenses, and unexpected life events!

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Integrated Curriculum With Built-In Assessments


Over 300 integrated lessons with built-in assessments, aligned to state and national standards for Personal Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, Marketing, and Investing!

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Broadcast Rankings To Your Classroom!


Build a lab space at your school! Use any LCD screen to broadcast Words of the Day, class rankings, streaming stock charts, watchlists, market news, and much more!

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Our Mission

High schools have had biology and chemistry labs for years. Why don't they have Personal Finance labs?

Not every student will be a biologist or chemist, but EVERY student will need to know how to budget and invest. Our mission at PersonalFinanceLab.com is to make that a reality.

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Compatible with Google Classroom / COPPA compliant

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Does Your School Need a Finance Lab?

Take your classroom to the next level - Personal Finance Lab can be expanded and customized with scrolling tickers, LCD screens, and live class rankings to turn your computer lab into the most exciting room in your school!

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