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Through experiential learning provided by the Budget and Stock Market Games, students will grasp many financial literacy concepts such as:


How to make smart financial decisions to support their long-term goals.


How to manage a monthly budget and build an emergency savings funds.


How to use a debit card and credit card responsibly to build a good credit score.


How the financial markets work so they balance risk & grow their wealth.


How choices have consequences, and to be prepared for unexpected events.

Interactive and Independent Learning Tools

Budgeting Game

Boost student engagement
in your personal finance
class with real-life scenarios.

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Embedded Curriculum

300+ National Standards Aligned lessons, with
built-in assessments.

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Teacher Support

Live chat, personalized service, and instructor reporting tools.

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Stock Market Game

Fully customizable and
easy to set-up to fit
the needs of your class.

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Our Impact

Our family of financial games, simulations, and curriculum help more than 800,000 people per year become more financially literate. PersonalFinanceLab™ is here to support K12 teachers who teach business, economics, accounting, personal finance, and social studies.

Every person who understands how to manage their finances and build their wealth improves not only their futures, but those of their families and communities. We believe that education should be fun so that students are more motivated to learn.

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I’ve been really impressed with the curriculum, games, and customer service that PersonalFinanceLab™ offers.

Sarah Pelayo,
Monroe Career & Technical Institute

Students are loving playing this game. You have made our personal finance class so much fun. I can’t thank you enough.

Robert Fredette,
Lamoille Union High School

This is a wonderful way to align my lessons with something that is interactive and of high quality.

Christine Ann Varacalli,
New Dorp High School

Help your students become more financially independent!

We give students hands-on tools and games to help crystalize the value of long-term savings and investing.

How much will your investment grow over 30 years
if you earn the average market return?

Amount Invested Today: $
Value of your investment in 30 years:

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Lesson Plans

Check out our lesson plans to see how you can use your platform to supplement your curriculum.

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All assignments are
self-graded and their
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Webinars & Events

For new and existing teachers to learn best practices and discover new features.

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Incentivize students to complete their work and showcase their new knowledge.

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National Challenges

All classes are invited
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Learn how to use the platform and introduce key vocabulary to your students.

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Building a Lab

Why not upgrade to a whole personal finance lab for a dedicated place in your school to learn about financial literacy?

  • Add a scrolling ticker and LCD screens to your classroom
  • Upgrade your classroom to a Wall Street style trading room
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