An interactive customizable resource that builds students confidence as they build their virtual portfolios.

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Competitive Advantages


Real-time pricing and portfolio updates


Weekly Deposits to mimic real-life retirement investing


Team Portfolios with per-student reporting


Live chat support for both teachers and students


Integrated tutorial videos and walkthroughs

Students Learn

Building a portfolio for stocks, bonds and mutual funds

Additional securities can be added or removed at any time, including cryptocurrencies, futures, options, forex.

Conducting thorough investing research

Quoting tools dive into both fundamental and technical analysis, including SEC filings and latest news per company. Students don’t have to leave the platform to get the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

The importance of portfolio diversification

The experience of investing in a virtual portfolio will show students, the easy or the hard way, of what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. They also learn from each other as they discover who in their class is “beating the market” with all securities in the US trading with real-time prices.

Build stronger skills in personal finance, economics, math and business

Add any of the 300+ lessons to provide deeper insights to the business and economic cycles. Whether or not you add the Budget Game, you can still incorporate any of the personal finance topics to round out your students’ understanding of financial literacy.

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What’s Included?

Easy & Fully Customizable Class Set-up

Choose from any of the following trading parameters to bring your business or finance class to life:

  • 50 Global Exchanges
  • Security Options: Stocks, Options, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Cryptos
  • 30+ Major Global Currencies

Real-Time Prices

Your students will get experience trading and investing in US securities with real-time prices. They will experience all the ups and downs of the business and economic cycles and how changes in the market affect their portfolios.

Tutorial Videos

Students are provided introductory videos to learn the basics of how to research companies and stocks, how to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds and how to build a diversified portfolio.

Live Rankings

Students registered in the same class are able to see how well their portfolios are measuring up against their peers. You can also choose to have their portfolios public, which will allow them to see what they purchased.

Learning Library

Included with the Budget Game

Personal Finance




Career Prep

When you buy the Budget Game, you also get access
to our learning library of over 300 assignments!

  • Built-in assignments and assessments
  • Following National Standards
  • Customize the lessons to fit your class and your students’ interests

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Great for virtual or in-class learning.

Individual Account
(one game)
per account
  • Budget Game or Stock Game
  • Learning Library
Individual Account
(Both games)
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  • Budget Game
  • Stock Game
  • Learning Library
Market Data
LCD Screens
per site license
  • Up to 2 screens per year

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