Career Readiness Financial Literacy & Personal Finance Activities for Students

Career Readiness and Financial Literacy are Related!

How? Financial Literacy is an important part of a student’s preparation for college through their Career Readiness Class, as it teaches them how to plan for, and achieve financial independence.

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How Personal Finance and Career Readiness are Connected

How much money will I make?

When students start researching career clusters, their first question is usually, “How much money will I make?”

While focusing on their potential salary and cash inflows, they often overlook other important factors such as location, cost of living, commuting, student and car loans, and other cash outflows.

These factors are equally important for making informed career decisions.

help students understand their financial responsibilities upfront

What if we could help students understand their financial responsibilities upfront?

By preventing them from having to constantly “chase their dollars,” they could focus on finding a career that truly aligns with their passions and interests, rather than solely basing their decisions on salary and benefits.

many students go through school without considering their future career

Unfortunately, many students go through school without considering their future career.

They study subjects they enjoy without considering the associated careers. After graduating, they find themselves hopping from job to job, burdened with student debt. The cycle continues as they prioritize high-paying but disliked jobs to repay their student loans.

students can learn the value of money and how to effectively manage it

By starting with Personal Finance education along with Career Readiness, students can learn the value of money and how to effectively manage it.

This knowledge will empower them to make smarter financial decisions and be aware of their spending habits, enabling them to live within their means and achieve financial independence.

prioritizing career planning and financial education

By prioritizing career planning and financial education, we can guide students away from this harmful path.

Empowering them to make informed choices about their future.

Together, we can break this cycle and guide students towards fulfilling careers that offer not only financial stability but personal fulfillment.

Financial Literacy Activities in Your Career Readiness Class

PersonalFinanceLab helps your students with career readiness and personal finance through our applied and gamified learning resources. Assisting in preventing the downward debt cycle in many ways.

Improving their money habits and skills

Improving their money habits and skills

Teaching them to live within their means

Teaching them to live within their means

Managing their money and learning how to invest it

Managing their money and learning how to invest it

Integrating Across Academic Subjects

In some districts, Personal Finance is a standalone class, while in others it’s offered as part of an existing class. Across the nation, Personal Finance and Financial Literacy can be found in the following subjects:

  • Consumer Education
  • Business Math
  • Financial Algebra
  • Business Education
  • Business Accounting Pathway
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Education
  • Career and College Readiness (CCR)
  • Consumer Resource Management
  • Career and Life Skills
  • Financial Literacy and Employability Skills
  • Economics and AP Economics
  • Personal Economics
  • Social Studies
  • FACS
  • Social Science
  • Entrepreneurship

What We Offer to Help Your Career Readiness Students

Personal Budgeting Game

Students learn to navigate the world of financial responsibility through developing strong money skills, that will address cashflow, paying bills on time, saving, spending, credit scores, credit cards, debit cards, insurance, taxes and more. The income and expenses in the game can be customized by the teacher.

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Real-Time Stock Market Trading Platform

Students can make real-time trades, research markets daily and historically, and learn the difference between ETFs, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. Creating regular talking points and makes a great daily bellringer.

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Supplemental Learning Resources

300+ state and national standards aligned lessons on personal finance, investing, economics, business, marketing, career prep, and money management. Self-graded pop quizzes, open ended questions, articles, videos, financial calculators, and reports.

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Learning Library

PersonalFinanceLab gives you access to our learning library of over 300 assignments, articles, videos and quizzes

Personal Finance


  • Built-in assignments and assessments
  • Following National Standards
  • Customize the lessons to fit your class and your students’ interests

Sample Career Readiness Lessons

We have many career lessons built into our resource library that combine Career Readiness with Personal Finance.

Budgeting & Spending

  • Budgeting and Spending Strategies
  • Pay Yourself First
  • Spending and Savings Plans
  • Financial Calculators
  • Buying a Car
  • Preparing for Retirement

Career Planning

  • Career Development
  • Income and Compensation
  • How to Choose an Internship
  • Using Keywords in Your Resume
  • Acing Job Interviews
  • Biggest Mistakes of Job Seekers
  • Employer and Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Money Management

  • Tax Filing
  • Student Loans
  • Using Credit
  • Credit Cards
  • Good Debt, Bad Debt, Credit Reports
  • Mortgages

Risks & Insurance

  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Unemployment
  • Bankruptcy

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