PersonalFinanceLab Teacher Guide

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This experiential learning resource is designed for K12 teachers in personal finance, business,
math, career readiness, or social science classes. Students practice personal finance skills in
the Budget Game, how to build a diversified investment portfolio in the Stock Game, and learn
more core concepts about financial literacy from the integrated Curriculum. Each lesson comes
with built-in assessments, and you have access to Teacher Reports so you know what your students
are learning. is a completely customizable web-based platform. This user guide is
designed to get new teachers familiar with the platform and some of the key features for making
the most out of your classes. You can use this as a stand-alone resource in a variety of different
classes. Or can be integrated with LCD screens into your classroom for a full personal finance lab.
Broadcast breaking news, market updates, terms of the day, class rankings, school
announcements, and more.

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