Real-Life Learning for
K12 Students

An interactive program helps students apply their knowledge to real-life situations. Allowing them to understand the consequences of their financial decisions and learn from their mistakes. PersonalFinanceLab was designed for students from elementary to high school to get this experience before using real money.

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Elementary and Middle School

Simplified Games

Get your students understanding the basics of personal finance by having them play simplified versions of the Budget and Stock Games. It’s easy to get your students registered and playing the games on the same day you introduce them to the program.

Research & Quotes Tools

Students can stay focused because all the research and quoting tools are available on site. Minimizing the number of tabs they need to have open on their browsers. A must-have for younger students who are easily overwhelmed or distracted.

Motivate students to keep
learning with badges!

Younger students love the badges they earn as they complete actions or activities on site. At the end of the semester, your students earn a completion certificate that prints all the badges they collected on the back.

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High School

As students get older, it’s hard to keep them engaged in the classroom. Your students need an experiential learning tool that develops valuable life skills they’ll need after graduation. They’ll practice managing a monthly budget, building a good credit score, and the value of having at least $1000 in their emergency savings.

Self-paced and self-grading lessons dedicated to the following topics give your students a full picture of how to manage their money responsibly on their own. All our lessons are aligned to National and State Standards.

Budgeting & Saving


Employment & Career Prep

Credit & Debt

Financial Risks & Insurance

PersonalFinanceLab Budget Game on mobile devices

We also encourage healthy competition
with real-time data and live rankings!

Students check their accounts between classes and are motivated to keep learning inside and outside the classroom.

Many teachers turn on and off different settings to match how their students progress through the program.

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finance to life with our games and lessons!

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Student working on computer in library

Smaller Classes

If you’re teaching a smaller class, or you want to try out PersonalFinanceLab with less than 10 students, this option is right for you! You still get all the customization and reporting from the larger site licenses, as well as a dedicated account manager.

98% of students reported they felt more prepared to face the challenges of adult life since using PersonalFinanceLab.

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