Market Insight

Connecting Lessons to Real-Life

So your students are in the right mindset to
learn personal finance from the moment
they walk into your class.

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How to turn your classroom into
the coolest place at your school!

If students are looking at the changes happening on the screens
in their classroom or lab they’ll start asking questions…

Why is my portfolio moving down?

How can I increase my credit score?

Why is the company I just invested in, in the news all of a sudden?

Get your students interested in how the financial markets work by surrounding them with live updates on their portfolios, top performing stocks and whatever else you want to project on your screens.

Your classroom will be a draw for anyone passing by, from parents checking out the school, to other students who will want to know what it’s like to be in your class.

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How can distracting your students be a good thing?

How to grab your student’s attention

One of the toughest aspects of teaching is keeping your students engaged. Especially now that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. From a young age, students today have become accustomed to being over-stimulated.

From their cell phone vibrating in their pocket to the constant scrolling of social media. Their minds have changed, and they’re called digital natives for a reason. Their entire lives have been immersed in technology.

Why not use technology to bring
their focus back on track?

Using our Market Insight Screens catches their attention from the constant changes and movement that mimic how they consume information already. They’re more likely to care about financial literacy when it’s coming at them through a medium they understand. And are fluent in.

This re-engages them to care about their game scores, and getting back to their lessons so they can see their name on the scoreboards. Connecting them to changes in the markets.

What do you get when you add the Market Insight Widgets to your PersonalFinanceLab site license?

You will get to project live data from your students’ activities on the platform, as well as having access to the following widgets:

  • DOW Finance Wall
  • Custom Watchlists
  • Stock Game Rankings
  • Budget Game Rankings
  • Word of the Day (Personal Finance, Accounting & Economics)

You can even include custom URLs like your school’s lunch menu!

  • What is a Personal Finance Lab?

    Since the financial crisis of 2007-08, there has been a nation-wide emphasis on financial literacy in high school curriculum. At the same time, a greater push to focus on technology integration to prepare students for the kinds of roles they will take on after they graduate.

    The overlap between Personal Finance, Economics, and Business curriculum have introduced innovative new teaching tools and ways to keep students engaged!

    A Personal Finance Lab contains ticker screens, LCD screens, interactive financial games, and posters that transform a classroom or computer lab into a dedicated learning environment for financial literacy.

    When a student walks in, they switch to “Financial Learning” mode, in the same way they shift when walking into a gym, chemistry lab or auto shop. This is where they think about the bigger picture beyond what they’re learning in school, and how it connects to the larger business and economic cycles happening all around them.

The customizability of
labs also make them
perfect for sponsorships

Local banks and financial institutions love to sponsor high school finance labs – and usually have money in their marketing budgets for these kinds of projects.

Showing a local bank how their logo and generosity will directly benefit students is a great way to get their attention. Learn more about the steps to set-up a full personal finance lab, by clicking the button below.

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Getting the Market Insight Widgets in your class

If you already have a site license, you can add this to your account by contacting your account manager, or sending an email to to get a quote.

To request a quote for your school that includes the Market Insight Widgets, you can complete the form below. Please note that you must purchase the Stock Game, the Budget Game or both to be able to include this feature.

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