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Budget Game, Stock Game, and Financial Literacy Lessons all in 1 Resource

Above all you want to make sure your child has everything they need to thrive once they leave home. Because you also want them to enjoy learning, a lot falls on your shoulders.

Give your homeschool student real-world skills like creating a budget, using debit and credit cards, building their savings account, paying bills, investing in stocks, and more.

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Experiential Learning

Whether you’re new to homeschooling, or you’ve been doing this for years, you still need educational and engaging resources to bring the concepts of personal finance to life. As you know, students learn best by doing…

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That’s why we use real-life simulations so that your child develops responsible habits, from building an emergency savings fund to making the connection between saving and investing for their future.

homeschool resources for teaching financial literacy

You’ll get access to interactive games and self-grading lessons that all align to National and State Standards. Providing you the peace of mind that your child is learning core financial literacy concepts.

You’ll be able to track their grades and actions on the platform, so you’ll know exactly what they understand or need more help with.

The best part is everything is set-up for you!

Register to our Homeschool Program and have 6 months’ access to the Budget Game, Stock Game and our learning library of personal finance lessons.

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When you join the Homeschool Program, you turn any room into a Personal Finance Lab!

Your student develops life skills with real-life scenarios and consequences with the personal budgeting game. Building their confidence in the financial markets with the virtual stock game. And all the topics you wish you would have learned in high school are included in the learning library.

The game teaches responsibility. Recurring monthly bills need to be paid and the game includes a late fee if you don’t pay on time. I really like how the student’s cash flow is shown in green and the cash outflow is shown in red.

My Happy Homeschool

The boys really enjoyed the lessons offered in a “game” format. They have learned a lot about budgeting and finances, and the curriculum lessons have encouraged an interest in the stock market and trading.

PersonalFinanceLab’s Stock Game and Budget Game are both very detailed, educational, and eye-opening. I would highly recommend these games for any family. There are plenty of video tutorials to explain things, and I would highly recommend starting there to help you get your challenge set up.

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