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Budget Game. Stock Game. Supplemental Learning Resources. Banking, credit, debt, savings, taxes and more. All in one customizable platform.

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Our Financial Literacy Games Teach Students the Skills They Need

Experiential learning works! With our Financial Literacy Games students are fully engaged in many activities. Our platform teaches many money management and other skills that all students need. It combines a Budget Game, a Stock Market Game, and embedded lessons, but there is so much more! Students learn to use a debit and credit card, manage their checking/savings/credit card accounts, transfer funds, pay bills, build an emergency fund etc. Our built-in lessons reinforce many financial literacy skills.


How to develop and manage a monthly budget and build an emergency fund.


How to use a debit card and credit card responsibly to build a credit score.


How to manage their paychecks, transfer funds, and pay bills on time.


How to build wealth and invest in stocks, bonds, and ETFs for the long-term.


How choices have consequences, and to be prepared for unexpected events.


How to make smart financial decisions.

Our Financial Literacy Games and Learning Resources

budget game

Budgeting Game

Boost student engagement
in your personal finance
class with real-life scenarios.

Explore Budget Game
stock market game

Stock Market Game

Fully customizable and
easy to set-up to fit
the needs of your class.

Explore Stock Game
lesson plans

Teacher Resources

Course outlines, lesson plans,
class activities and
a personal account manager!

Explore Teaching Materials
supplemental learning materials

Supplemental Learning

300+ National and State
Standards Aligned lessons,
with built-in assessments.

Explore Learning Resources

National Standards Alignment

Jumpstart See JumpStart/CEE Alignment

State Standards Alignment

See State Alignment

Make Learning Personal Finance Fun!

Efficacy of Program


of students saved at least $1,000 in their emergency savings fund

The Budget Game is an exceptional personal finance tool that has revolutioned the way I’ve delivered my high school Personal Finance unit.
Joe Polwrek,
Monte Vista Christian (Spring 2023)

pop quizzes taken


questions answered


trades made in 2023


classes created


student registrations




of teachers who used the Stock Game reported they were high quality programs


of students felt more prepared to face the challenges of adult life since using PersonalFinanceLab


the median ending saving balance for 2023

I truly think every student would benefit from playing the game. I wish I had something like this to help me before I moved out on my own and started college.
Michael Eklund,
Kenilworth Junior High School

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Try our Interactive Calculator!

Help your students visualize how they could build wealth.

Your students will have access to interactive calculators, investing research tools and real-life simulations to practice managing their money.

Slide the dial to see an example

How much will your investment grow over 30 years
if you earn the average market return?

Amount Invested Today: $
Value of your investment in 30 years:

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Teacher Resources

PersonalFinanceLab includes many helpful teacher resources to help you with reducing planning time, tracking student attainment and progress through our reporting system. Incentivize your students to learn through certifications, and national competitions with prizes. Online support is available if you or your students ever have any questions.

lesson plans

Lesson Plans

Check out our lesson plans to see how you can use your platform to supplement your curriculum.

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teacher reports

Progress Reports

All assignments are
self-graded and their
results are tallied here.

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Webinars & Events

For new and existing teachers to learn best practices and discover new features.

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teacher training


Incentivize students to complete their work and showcase their new knowledge.

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financial literacy certification

National Challenges

All classes are invited
to participate and get
the chance to win free prizes.

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student national challenges


Learn how to use the platform and introduce key vocabulary to your students.

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The Ultimate In Financial Literacy Education

After you have subscribed to PersonalFinanceLab and see now much your students learn from it and enjoy it, many schools turn a classroom into a real Personal Finance Lab:

  • Add a scrolling ticker to bring in real-time Wall Street data
  • Add LCD screens and display real-time financial news
Build a Lab

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