Feature Highlight – Economic Concepts Presentation Templates

As your students explore PersonalFinanceLab, they’re not only dealing with budget details but also shaping their financial futures. We understand the importance of giving them tools that go beyond numbers. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new presentation templates on economic concepts, making complicated financial topics easier for your students to grasp.

What are Presentation Templates?

These user-friendly presentation templates, available in both PowerPoint and Google Slides formats, are designed to make learning easy and engaging. They will help you to guide students through important economic ideas in a structured way. Every slide comes with simple explanations, making it a breeze for teachers to highlight essential points during class.

But wait, there’s more! Teachers will find full descriptions on each slide, giving them everything they need to explain concepts clearly. 

Plus, we’ve added class discussion prompts at the end of each presentation. It’s like a built-in conversation starter. And for teachers, we’ve got helpful guidance in the slide notes, making your job even easier.

Our Economic Concepts Presentation Templates cover a variety of units. Take a peek at some of the included units:

…and more!



These Presentation Templates are designed to make economics straightforward for both teachers and students. With clear slide descriptions and discussion prompts, these templates aren’t just tools – they’re here to help students understand economic concepts better. Whether it’s the Benefits of Competition or Inflation, these units provide a thorough exploration that makes learning easy and interesting.

Here’s to making economics accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

-The PFinLab Team