Feature Highlight – Stocks by Sector


Learning about the stock market can be tricky for students, especially when they are just starting to understand the concepts of sectors and industries. Finding stocks to build a diversified portfolio can feel overwhelming. To help, we’re excited to introduce PersonalFinanceLab’s newest feature: Stocks by Sector.

Introducing Stocks by Sector

Stocks by Sector is an easy-to-use tool that helps students find stocks in different industries. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by too many choices, students can now focus on specific sectors to learn more about them and find good investment opportunities.

How Stocks by Sector Works

With Stocks by Sector, students can:

  1. Pick a sector from a list, like technology or healthcare.
  2. See a list of companies in that sector.
  3. Get key information about each company, like stock prices and recent performance.

This tool makes it simple for students to understand how different industries work and find stocks that interest them.

Using Stocks by Sector with the Stock Comparison Tool

One of the best ways to use Stocks by Sector is with our Stock Comparison Tool. Here’s how:

  1. Explore a Sector: Use Stocks by Sector to pick a sector and find some companies in it.
  2. Gather Data: Use the Stock Comparison Tool to get detailed information about these companies, like their financial statements and stock history.
  3. Compare Companies: Compare the companies in the same sector to see which ones are the best choices for investing.

Using Stocks by Sector In Class

Teachers can include Stocks by Sector in their lessons, using it with the Stock Comparison Tool to give students a complete research experience. This helps students learn how to analyze the market and make smart investment choices.

Try It Out

Teachers can try out our Sector and Industry Explorer and Stock Comparison Tool. Note – you must have a PersonalFinanceLab account to view. If you are not already signed up for PersonalFinanceLab, feel free to try it out with our Teacher Test Drive!