Feature Highlights – Custom Reports

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PersonalFinanceLab has over a dozen different reports – showing class registration information, budget game progress, stock game trades, and more.

But you’re a busy teacher – you want one page that has exactly the information that is most relevant to your class.

Don’t worry – our Custom Reporting tools are here to help!

Custom Reports

Our Custom Reporting tool allows teachers to build their own reports by bringing in data from different areas of their class all into one place.

One example would be if your class uses our Stock Game and Budget Game, so you want to see student’s names, the last time they logged in, portfolio values from the stock game, net worth from the budget game, and a button to reset each student’s passwords if they need it. Normally, you would have to look at 4 different reports to get each of these data points – but you can choose to bring it all together in one single custom report!

Custom reports can be exported too (like any other report), and every custom report you create is immediately available for all of your classes.

What You Can Include

We grouped the items available in a custom report into a few categories:

User Info – This is basic information about the students in your class, like their username, last login date, first names, and last initial. This section also allows you to include quick-access buttons to reset students’ usernames or passwords, or remove students from your class.

Stock Game Stats – This is basic stat info about student’s stock game performance, like their current portfolio value and total trades made. There are also quick-access buttons to view a student’s complete portfolio in a pop-up window, add or remove cash from a student’s portfolio, see a graph of their portfolio over time, or reset their stock game back to the starting position.

Stock Game Historical Data* – You can also pull historical data from the stock game, like what their portfolio value was each Friday of the game.

Stock Game Open Positions* – This can provide you information about each student’s current holdings in the stock game.

Stock Game Trades* – This will provide information on each student’s individual trades in the stock game.

Budget Game Stats – These are summary stats of each student in the budget game, like their net worth, credit score, and overall score.

*A custom report can contain information from Historical Data, Open Positions, OR Trades, but it not mix these together.

Other Custom Reports Info

  • You can create up to 5 custom reports
  • A single custom report can be used across all of your classes
  • Custom reports can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets
  • At this time, data from Assignments cannot be included in Custom Reports

Happy Learning, and if you have any questions contact our support team at support@personalfinancelab.com!

-The PFinLab Team