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financial literacy for high school students

Press Release: Quebec, Canada – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Stock-Trak Announces Launch of PersonalFinanceLab.com. This site offers an Online High School Personal Finance Lab. There is a new trend sweeping through magnet schools, CTE programs, and business academies. These schools are converting ordinary classrooms into an exciting and engaging learning environment. They are called a “Personal Finance Lab.”

“High schools have Biology lab. Why don’t they have Personal Finance labs?” is the new rallying cry of Mark Brookshire, Founder, and CEO of Stock-Trak Inc. “Every student will one day have a job, pay taxes, live on a budget, need insurance, use a credit card, and save and invest for retirement. Let’s get students excited to learn about financial literacy. Let’s teach these subjects in an exciting and engaging classroom setting that makes them want to learn.”

Mr. Brookshire has been traveling around the country attending various educational conferences. He promotes his vision for high school Personal Finance Labs. He uses the financial literacy for high school students lesson plans available on PersonalFinanceLab.com to integrate a stock market game with stock market lessons. His idea for these Personal Finance Labs includes scrolling stock tickers, LCD screens, educational wall posters, and a stock market simulation. They include a built-in curriculum from PersonalFinanceLab.com.

stock market simulation for students - stock market simulation - financial literacy lesson plans
“The scrolling stock tickers and the LCD screens that display current stock prices and headline news provide the classroom with that exciting Wall Street feel, and the curriculum and stock simulation of our PersonalFinanceLab.com website provide an engaging learning experience that pulls it all together,” Mr. Brookshire says”

Stock-Trak is the leading provider of educational stock market simulations to the high school and college market. Some universities have built “trading rooms” that use one of Stock-Trak’s virtual trading applications to help teach the Investments and Portfolio Management classes. Unfortunately, very few high schools had moved in that direction. There is a growing emphasis on high school financial literacy classes in many states. Stock-Trak has seen a dramatic increase in high schools using its virtual trading sites (HowTheMarketWorks.com, NationalSMS.com). Classes that typically adopt include Personal Finance, Economics, Business and Social Studies classes.

“More and more teachers have been asking us to integrate Economics, Business, and Personal Finance Curriculum into our virtual trading site. They have also asked how they can get the students more excited about such an important topic” says Mr. Brookshire. “That’s how our Personal Finance Lab concept was conceived. We designed our newest website, PersonalFinanceLab.com, to fill the void and address that need.”

For more information about financial literacy lesson plans using a stock market simulation for students, please visit PersonalFinanceLab.com.

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