New Features – Spring 2021

There are a lot of new enhancements that will improve how both teachers and students use the platform!

General Improvements

New Dashboard

• Our new Dashboard brings all your student’s actions into one place

Live Chat

• PFinLab now has live chat support available for teachers and students (during market hours)


• First-time users now get help to get started on key pages (teachers too!)

Stock Game Enhancements

Weekly Deposits

• Instead of lump-sum cash to invest, students have periodic deposits into their stock game account

Custom Exchanges

Restrict your investing universe! Common uses include:

  • Just the S&P 500 or DOW 30
  • Only stocks with a strong local presence
  • Each student picks 5 stocks at the start that they research, open to everyone to trade

Mutual Fund Research

New mutual fund research tools! See:

  • Fund overviews
  • Fund performance
  • Fund holding
  • …plus the same research you can find for Stocks and ETFs!

Spots Trading

• “Cash Spots” trading now supports basic commodities!

Risk Adjusted Rankings

For Finance Classes, improvements to Risk Adjusted Rankings!

  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Jensen’s Alpha
  • Treynor Ratio

Budget Game Enhancements

Images and Colors

Improved Paychecks

• Better transition from Part-Time to Full-Time mode
• Part-Time mode hours are more consistent (14-30 hours, instead of 5-35 hours)

Historical Views

• Students can now look back and see when they had transactions in previous months

Zero-Cost Bills

The game now supports zero-priced bills
• Example: Students do not need to pay rent while still in school (since they live with their parents)

More Long-Term Impacts

• Multi-month discounts on bills
• Card deck shuffles differently depending on a “Status”

Assignment Enhancements

New and Improved Certificates

• Financial Literacy Certificate + Investing101 Certificate
• Students can download the PDF, and they earn a badge to show off on the rankings page!

New Logging System

• Some reports from schools that students were not getting credit
• New assignment logging system opens the doors to more reports in the future!

Administration Enhancements

New and Improved Widgets

• For schools with our Widget Packs, new ranking types, financial data, and even custom widgets now available!

New Fun Facts Report

• Great bell-ringer – see what students are buying and selling for any date range!

Improved Data Exports

• Admins can now pull transaction history and open positions export live
• … But this may fail for VERY large classes (150+ students). Our support team can help!