Quick In Class Activity to Teach Your Students About Saving!

Teachers, 2020 is here, marking a fresh new start, so there isn’t any better time to challenge your students to change their spending habits and set them up for financial independence! Here’s a great activity for your class that uses our Budget Game to understand how to build an emergency fund!


The goal of this activity is to get students to save 10% of all the money they receive so that they can have an emergency fund.

The Rules:

Implement a rule for the Budget Game that students must save 10 cents for every dollar of income received. Also, implement the rule that for any “Event Card” they receive they need to transfer money from their checking account into their savings account. By transferring the money, students will automatically gain more points in the game. 


The philosophy of the Budget Game is for the students to learn by doing. The focus of the game is to help students learn the fundamentals of money management. This resource is not here to replace you, but merely to become a teaching tool that you can use to introduce or consolidate a topic so that the basics can be understood. The budgeting game can, therefore, be used as both a supplemental and integrated resource!

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