Stash101 Shuts Down, PersonalFinanceLab offers best alternative

Stash101 shuts down as a money management and investment simulation for schools, with all existing accounts disabled on January 31, 2023.

What happened to Stash101?

Stash is primarily a banking app, which also can include a personal checking account. Stash101 was a free “practice” version with other educational resources built in, designed for schools and help students open their first accounts after graduation.

While there has not been an official press release for the reason Stash101 was shut down, this change happened shortly after an announcement that Stash is changing their partners for the banking side of their app. This may mean that the new version of Stash no longer matched the Stash 101 interface, or that their new partners were not interested in direct marketing to schools and students, as this can create a lot of student data privacy headaches for app providers that do not normally work with schools.

Best Alternative to Stash101 For Schools

While this comes as a blow for many teachers who relied on this app for their personal finance class resources, there are other options!

PersonalFinanceLab is the closest alternative available for schools today, containing a money management/budgeting simulation to manage bank accounts, credit cards, income, expenses, and more over a simulated year, plus a real-time stock game with stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, options, and more – all configurable by teachers for their own class contests. PersonalFinanceLab is designed specifically for schools and classrooms.

This year, PersonalFinanceLab is holding a free Financial Literacy Month event during the month of April, giving free access to their budgeting game and stock game to all classrooms. Schools interested in setting up their own sessions with their own rules, as well as using their games and resources in the Fall, can acquire a site license for extended access.

About PersonalFinanceLab

PersonalFinanceLab is an online resource that offers budgeting/money management games, stock market/investing games, and standards-aligned financial literacy/economics/business lessons and assessments on our fully-gamified platform for schools.

Teachers can check out our platform through our Teacher Test Drive, or book a demo with one of our specialists today!