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How does the Challenge Work?

Your students will discover why personal finance is actually the most important class for their future. Not only will they get to practice budgeting, saving and investing, but your students have the chance to win prizes! And so do you, if you have the most amount of students who complete 6 months of the Budget Game.

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Financial Literacy

April 2 to May 3, 2024

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Regional Prizes

Student Prizes

Prizes Total of


The top 3 students from both the Budget Game and Stock Game in each region will each win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Plus, the top 3 overall winners for each game win an additional $50 Gift Card!

Teacher Prizes

Prizes Total of


3 teachers will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Students can nominate their teacher, and we’ll pick 3 lucky winners who will each get a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Plus a free PersonalFinanceLab site license for 100 students for one year.

Financial Literacy Challenge 2024 Stock Game Results

Financial Literacy Challenge 2024 Budget Game Results

Testimonials from Past Participating Teachers

Both of my classes had so much fun with the Budget Game and had no idea of all the learning that occurred! Thank you for making this available. It is so hard to find quality, free resources.

Tracie Meyers
Livonia Central School District
(New York, United States)

This is an absolutely fantastic program that I wish ALL students had the opportunity to participate in. Your game has provided so many opportunities to relate the real world to my students in a way that is fun, and interactive but also gives them real world skills that will help them throughout their lives.

We now talk about IPO’s and company announcements and budgets and a whole assortment of other real life topics that in the past would have required an entire lesson to help them understand the basics just to have a conversation. Bravo! Not only did you help my students but you made my job easier and more fun as well.

Michael Eklund
Kenilworth Junior High School
(Alberta, Canada)

Thank you for making this amazing learning experience available to my students, and of course my congratulations to the other top 5 finishing students; as well as the entire 14,500+ student participants from across Canada, the USA, and elsewhere (?) who participated so enthusiastically, and did such a great job of representing their class/school.

Terrence Posylek
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
(Ontario, Canada)

What’s Included?

Personal Budgeting Game

Students practice managing a monthly budget, and building their emergency savings fund. So they can see how their decisions have consequences. Gaining experience on what it feels like to take full responsibility for their financial well-being.

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Virtual Stock Game

Students practice investing in real securities with US stocks, bonds and mutual funds. They learn from their own mistakes while using virtual money. So they can know how to grow their wealth responsibly, and make smart financial decisions when they’re ready to invest for real.

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Personal Finance Lessons

300+ self-graded pop quizzes at the end of each lesson that integrate to teacher reports.

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What are the Rules?

  • Trading is open from April 2 to May 3, 2024.
  • Students may trade US stocks and ETFs, and US mutual funds, and bonds.
  • Students manage a $10,000 virtual portfolio.
  • To help students learn to continually invest, we will deposit an extra $1,000 every Monday morning to mimic regular savings or retirement contributions.
  • For prize purposes, rankings in the Stock Game are based on total portfolio percentage return. So students who start late and miss a weekly deposit are not at a disadvantage.
  • There is a $5 minimum price for all stocks.
  • Students may short sell and buy on margin.
  • Students may day trade.
  • Students must make a minimum of 10 trades in the Stock Game to qualify for prizes.
  • Students may only invest 25% of their portfolio in any one security.
  • Each student is allowed only one entry.
  • Students can play the Budget Game from April 2nd to May 3rd, 2024
  • The game includes 12 months of gameplay where students manage their bills and expenses
  • They start as students with part-time jobs, and after 6 months graduate and take on full-time jobs
  • Students earn the most amount of points for meeting their monthly savings goals

Financial Literacy Completion Certificate

Students don’t need to complete all the lessons to be eligible for prizes. However, why not take advantage of having free access to our curriculum?

We’ve included 86 lessons from our learning library on investing and personal finance. Each lesson includes a pop quiz at the end with 3-5 questions. Students are required to get 100% on all quizzes to earn the completion certificate, and are able to retake quizzes to improve their score. You can see their progress every step of the way from your Instructor Administrator page.

Example Assignments Include:

  • What is the New York Stock Exchange?
  • Investing Strategies
  • Pay Down Debt or Save?
  • Life Insurance
  • Use the Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator

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Financial Literacy Completion Certificate
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