LMS Integration Instructions

This page outlines instructions to set up your LMS with PersonalFinanceLab.com. The below screen captures used as reference are from Canvas, but the set-up between all LMS’ should be similar in nature.

If you have any questions about the below steps, please send an email to Support at support@personalfinancelab.com.

Step 1: Create a Developer Key

You will need to ask your administrator to create a Developer Key for your LMS. This is done in your school’s LMS. Specific instructions for Canvas are below, but are largely identical for Schoology, Brightspace, Moodle, Blackboard, and other LTI-enabled LMS systems.

Canvas Instructions

Your LMS administrator will need to navigate to Admin -> Developer Keys. The new developer key should be created as a App Key, not an LTI Key

Required settings are:

  • Key Name: PersonalFinanceLab Key (although this can be changed to your preferred naming convention)
  • Owner Email: Your system administrator
  • URI: https://app.personalfinancelab.com/lms/oauthResponse
  • Icon: https://personalfinancelab.com/wp-content/uploads/pfin-icon.png

Step 2: Send ClientID, Secret, and LMS URL to the PersonalFinanceLab Team

Step 1will generate a ClientID and Client Secret. Your administrator will need to send this (along with the URL of your school’s LMS) to support@personalfinancelab.com, or your school’s dedicated account manager.

We will send an email confirmation once this has been received and configured (usually within 1 business day).

Once this information is entered in our system, the remaining configurations needed for your LMS will be created automatically.

Step 3: Generating Configurations

Once the configurations have been entered, any teacher with a PersonalFinanceLab login at your school canretrieve your school’s Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and XML configuration file. These can be found under “LMS Integration”, under “Administration” on the main menu.

(Note: your account should have already been created by the Sales team and associated to a Site License. If you do not have this type of account, contact sales@personalfinancelab.com to speak to a sales associate about purchasing a Site License)

If we are working directly with your schools IT team in Step 1, our support will send this information directly to them when we confirm the settings have been entered on our end.

Step 4: Adding PersonalFinanceLab As An App In Your LMS

Next, you can add PersonalFinanceLab as an App to the required course.

As an administrator, navigate to the specific course that requires PersonalFinanceLab integration, go to “Settings”, and “Apps”:

Enter the information from Step 3 into your LMS to create the application, by selecting the XML configuration type.

Step 5: Launching PersonalFinanceLab

Once the application has been created, you can launch the PersonalFinanceLab application from the left hand panel.

Step 6: Connecting To Your PersonalFinanceLab Class

The last steps must be completed by the teacher themselves, and requires the teacher already have set up their class on PersonalFinanceLab. Launching for the first time within the LMS will prompt the teacher to sign in with their PersonalFinanceLab teacher account, and load a list of their active classes.

You will need to click on the Active Contests button, to see your active contests. There is a Deep Link button on the right hand side, that will allow you to add a student registration link into your LMS in the Assignments module.

If you do not have a tournament, click here to read how you can set up a tournament.

Step 8: Student Registration

When students first launch the application from the LMS, they will be led to a registration form. Future launches, will log in students automatically direct them straight to their dashboard. The student must fill out their Username & Year of Birth to create their account. Their First Name, Last Name and Email should have auto-populated from the LMS.

Year of Birth is not stored in our system – but whether or not the student is under or over 16 years of age at the time of registration can place additional restrictions on the student account (for example, email and the student’s full last name will also not be stored).

The student will see a message to let them know they have successfully registered, and taken to their dashboard. Subsequent launches from your LMS will log in the student automatically.

If you have any questions about the below steps, please send an email to support at support@personalfinancelab.com.