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About The Challenge

The Personal Finance Lab Teacher’s Challenge is a trading competition open to all teachers using any of the portfolio simulations powered by StockTrak. Teachers from around the country compete to build a $100,000 portfolio of US stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds, with live national rankings.

How To Join

Click the link below to register. 

If you already have a teacher account on, this will add this contest automatically to your account – you can switch between the National Challenge and your class portfolios by using the drop-down menu on every page.

If you are new to PersonalFinanceLab, you will need to create a login to participate.

Contest Rules

  • Build a $100,000 portfolio of global stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds.
  • Margin trading and short selling is allowed.
  • Day trading is not allowed.
  • No interest will be earned on cash, 8% interest will be charged on all loan balances.
  • Each student can have only 1 contest portfolio – multiple entries will result in disqualification.
  • There will be an audit at the conclusion of the contest to verify ranking accuracy. Any adjustments or disqualifications during the auditing process are final.
  • See the Personal Finance Lab general Rules and the Terms and Conditions for other restrictions.


The top-ranked teacher will win a $200 Pizza Party for their class, plus a PersonalFinanceLab t-shirt.


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