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PersonalFinanceLab School Site License

The Stock & Budget Games are interactive and engaging educational resources designed to provide students with practical financial skills.

You can choose to include the Budget Game, Stock Game or both!

Stock Game Highlights:

  • Engage students with hands-on experience in managing a virtual investment portfolio.
  • Access how-to trade tutorial videos and research tools so your students have all necessary resources in one platform.
  • Explore a range of trading options including real-time prices for US stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cryptos, and international exchanges.

Budget Game Highlights:

  • Foster critical thinking and decision-making skills for informed financial choices.
  • Empower students to learn about budgeting, saving, responsible credit management, and enhancing their quality of life.
  • Embedded lessons on financial literacy topics to provide a full picture of personal finance.

Fully Customizable and Student Tracking:

  • PersonalFinanceLab offers complete customization of game settings and student progress tracking.
  • Access downloadable reports with student grades, completion percentages, and activity updates from your personal admin account.

Supplemental Learning Materials*:

  • Additional learning resources to enhance students’ understanding of financial concepts.
  • 300+ State and National Standards aligned self-grading lessons on personal finance, economics, business, investing and more.
  • Lesson plans, course outlines, grading rubrics, class activities, video lessons and tutorial videos, how-to guides, and slideshow presentations.

* All Supplemental Learning Materials are included with the purchase of one or both games.

Market Insight Widgets:

  • All site licenses include the Market Insight Widgets so you can broadcast rankings to your classroom.
  • Engage students with real-time updates on their portfolios, top stocks, and market trends.
  • Market Insight Widgets include: DOW Finance Wall, Custom Watchlists, Stock Game Rankings, Budget Game Rankings, Word of the Day (Personal Finance, Accounting & Economics) and Customizable URLs for school-specific information (like lunch menus).

Dedicated Customer Support:

  • Benefit from expert guidance with a dedicated account manager for platform usage.
  • Live chat and Helpdesk support are available to address any technical queries from students.
  • For any inquiries, contact sales@personalfinancelab.com or call 1-(800) 786-8725, press 2 for sales, and then 2 for PersonalFinanceLab.
  • PersonalFinanceLab will be a fun and engaging way for your students to gain practical financial literacy skills!

PersonalFinanceLab School Site License includes:

Budget Game

Students learn how to balance their income and expenses and meet their monthly savings goals while using a checking, savings, and credit card accounts.

Stock Game

Students experience investing in the stock market with real-time prices and live rankings. All research and quoting tools are available on site.

Fully Customizable & Student Tracking

Choose the specific rules and settings for your class. These can also be updated as the simulation progresses through the semester. Detailed reporting tools allow you to track student grades and progress.

Supplemental Learning Materials

Reinforce key concepts in class with 300+ standards aligned lessons, videos, and group activities.

Personalized Customer Support

Your dedicated account manager will contact you within 1 business day after you place your order. They will assist you with onboarding and student rostering. HelpDesk Technical Support is available for your students.

Market Insight Widgets

Project live data from your students’ activities on the platform, turning your classroom into the coolest place at your school!