Technical Analysis Project

1. Using at least 3 technical analysis tools, identify one stock to either buy or short sell. You must print out whatever charting you finally use. I recommend: or

2. Type a few coherent sentences explaining your choice of strategy and reasoning from these 3+ techniques (technical analysis).

3. As soon as you have picked your winner (or loser), go to Stock-Trak and make the trade. You choose how many shares to trade. Print out your confirmation page.

Charts, Summaries, and Confirmation printouts are due on Tuesday, October 13.

Extra Credit (Optional):

Any time after you turn in this assignment but before December 11, reverse your trade on Stock-Trak when/if the stock price moves in the direction you predicted.

If you can show me that you made a profit (net of transaction costs), I’ll give you 5 extra credit points on the final exam. Thus, there is incentive here to try to make good predictions. You will have to print out the Transaction History of your reverse trade and your original trade, and show me through calculations that you made a profit (net of transaction costs).

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