California Economics Standards Alignment

The state of California publishes standards for teaching Economics at the high school level as part of their History and Social Studies content standards. We have aligned our own Economics curriculum to address each of the California standards. We also have more economics activities available as a supplement, which address additional benchmarks found in the National standards.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensice Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
Understand common economic terms and concepts and economic reasoning Why is there Scarcity?
Marginal Benefit and Cost
What are Incentives?
Property Rights
Analyze the elements of America’s market economy in a global setting What are Incentives?
Supply and Demand Examples in the Stock Market
What is Supply?
What is Demand?
Property Rights
Benefits of Competition
What are Price Controls?
international trade
What is Entrepreneurship?
What is a Stock?
What is the New York Stock Exchange?
Corporate Debt
Analyze the influence of the federal government on the American economy Government impact on the economy
What is the Federal Reserve?
Monetary Policy
Analyze the elements of the U.S. labor market in a global setting Labor and Productivity
Unemployment and other programs
International Trade
Analyze the aggregate economic behavior of the U.S. economy Inflation
Importance of Interest Rates
Major Economic Indicators (GDP, CPI, Jobs)
Gross Domestic Product
Analyze issues of international trade and explain how the U.S. economy affects, and is affected by, economic forces beyond its borders international trade