California Business Management Standards Alignment

The state of California’s Department of Education publishes a set of educational standards for the Business Management Career Pathway, recommended for CTE programs. We strive to align to these standards, which consists of a fusion between accounting, management, marketing, economics, and personal finance topics. We also have additional activities available in each of these subject areas as a perfect supplement to the Business Management career pathway.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensice Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
Explain entrepreneurship and the fundamentals of developing a new business. Leading VS Directing
Management Theories and How They Are Used
Forms of Business Ownership
Types of Companies
Building a Case Study
Developing A Marketing Plan
Investigate the functions and techniques of management and organizational structure and distinguish between Leading VS Directing
Social Responsibility In Management
Human Resource Planning
Apply economic concepts as they relate to business. What is Economic Growth?
What are Incentives?
Benefits of Competition
Supply and Demand Examples in the Stock Market
What is Supply?
What is Demand?
Labor and Productivity
The Business Cycle
Major Economic Indicators (GDP, CPI, Jobs)
Analyze financial data in order to make short-term and long-term decisions. Importance of Interest Rates
Asset Valuation
Short Term and Long Term Financing
Analyzing Financial Statements
What is a Balance Sheet?
What is an Income Statement?
What is a Cash Flow Statement?
Credit Reports
Spending and Savings Plans
Explain the importance of risk management and regulatory compliance in business. Internal Risk Management
Integrating Risk Management
Forms of Business Ownership
Construct a Marketing Plan. Foundations of Marketing
Planning and Evaluating Business Advertising
Developing A Marketing Plan
The Product Lifecycle
Personal Selling
Planning and Evaluating Business Advertising