Indiana Academic Standards Course Framework

Indiana Financial Literacy Standards Alignment

The state of Indiana’s Board of Education publishes a set of educational standards for Financial Literacy that districts are required to include, but do not mandate a dedicated Personal Finance or Financial Literacy course as a graduation requirement. These standards are usually divided between social studies, mathematics, economics, and other courses, depending on the district. We have aligned our curriculum to the 12th grade standards – we also have even more materials available for benchmarks included in the 8th grade standards.

Since each district approaches financial literacy differently, our materials are flexible – teachers can mix and match activities in our Financial Literacy curriculum with other activities from our Economics, Business, and Mathematics tracks to build customized classes that perfectly supplement existing lesson plans.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensive Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
Financial Responsibility – Decision Making Family Planning
Common Tax Deductions
Protecting Against Fraud
Consumer rights and responsibilities
Planning Long Term Purchases
What makes a contract valid?
Relating Income and Careers Starting a Business
Income and Compensation
Unemployment and other programs
Preparing For Retirement
Career Center
Planning and Managing Money Budgeting
Spending and Savings Plans
Home Budgeting Calculator
Receipts – Keeping and Tossing
Reconciling accounts
Debit Cards
What is Money?
Researching Spending
What is Opportunity Cost?
Protecting Against Fraud
Buy vs Lease Calculator
Preparing For Retirement
Managing Credit and Debt Managing Debt
Short-Term Financing
Credit Card Payments Calculator
Using Credit
Researching Spending
Credit Reports
Debt Management Services
Consolidating Debt
Risk Management and Insurance Types of Insurance
Car Insurance
Home Owner’s Insurance
Health Insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Life Insurance
Saving and Investing Pay Yourself First
Compound Interest Calculator
Stock Game
Time Value of Money
Investment Return Calculator
What is a Stock?
What is a Brokerage?
Why invest in Stocks?
What is a Mutual Fund?
Investing Strategies
What is Opportunity Cost?
Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator
What are Bonds