Indiana Marketing Principles Standards Alignment

The Indiana Board of Education publishes a set of standards for Marketing Principles as part of its Business, Marketing, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship library. These standards are designed to help students get their feet wet in the field of marketing – a fusion of principles from Accounting, Management, Personal Finance, Economics, and a whole lot of Marketing!

Our activities are designed to build a solid foundation, borrowing from several other subjects to give students a rich foundation to build their marketing acumen.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensive Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
Economics- Nature of Marketing What is Economics?
Major Economic Indicators (GDP, CPI, Jobs)
What is Entrepreneurship?
Foundations of Marketing
International trade
Comparative Economic Systems – Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism
Economics- Importance of Marketing and Competition GAAP – Accounting Revenue and Expenses
Internal Risk Management
Benefits of Competition
GAAP – Accounting Gains and Losses
Integrating Risk Management
Marketing Strategies – Customer Relationships Planning and Evaluating Business Advertising
Marketing Strategies – Product/Service Management The Product Lifecycle
Ethics In Marketing
Promotion – Promotional Scope Planning and Evaluating Business Advertising
Promotion – Promotional Channels Planning and Evaluating Business Advertising
Pricing – Pricing Strategy Pricing Strategies
Business Ethics Overview
Ethics In Marketing
Pricing Strategies
Market Planning – Types of Research Developing A Marketing Plan
Selling – Nature of Selling Personal Selling
Ethics In Marketing