Ohio Introduction to Business Standards Alignment

The Ohio Department of Education’s CTE program publishes instruction standards for students looking to enter the Business career track, with “Introduction to Business” as the core class. Our curriculum aligns with these instructional recommendations by fusing topics from our Management, Marketing, and Economics libraries of activities.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensive Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
Business Activities Understanding the role of accountants in business and society
Managerial Accounting
Human Resource Planning
Foundations of Marketing
Leading VS Directing
Economic Principles International trade
Comparative Economic Systems – Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism
What is Entrepreneurship?
Supply and Demand Examples in the Stock Market
What is Supply?
What is Demand?
Government impact on the economy
Labor and Productivity
What is Specialization?
Monetary Policy
What is the Federal Reserve?
The Business Cycle
International Business International Trade