Ohio Learning Financial Literacy Standards

Ohio Economics and Financial Literacy Standards Alignment

The Ohio Department of Education publishes learning standards, with a mandate for all high schools to provide instruction in economics and financial literacy.

Our curriculum aligns with the Ohio standards by fusing topics from our Personal Finance, Economics, and Investing libraries of activities.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensive Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
Economic Decision Making and Skills What is Economic Growth?
Major Economic Indicators (GDP, CPI, Jobs)
What are Financial Records?
What is a Balance Sheet?
Analyzing Financial Statements
What is an Income Statement?
What is a Cash Flow Statement?
Fundamentals of Economics Why is there Scarcity?
Comparative Economic Systems – Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism
What is Economics?
Supply and Demand Examples in the Stock Market
What is Supply?
What is Demand?
Benefits of Competition
Government and the Economy Major Economic Indicators (GDP, CPI, Jobs)
Gross Domestic Product
Government impact on the economy
Global Economy International Trade
Working and Earning Career Center
Income and Compensation
Tax Filing and the 1040 EZ
Financial Responsibility and Money Management Researching Spending
Spending and Savings Plans
Types of Insurance
Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Short-Term Financing
Using Credit
Managing Debt
Saving and Investing Stock Game
What is a Stock?
What is a Mutual Fund?
Why Invest in Stocks?
What is an ETF?
What is a Bond?
Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator
Building Wealth
Preparing for spending shocks
What is a Brokerage?
Banks, Credit Unions, and Savings and Loans
Credit and Debt Credit Cards
Short-Term Financing
Credit Card Payment Calculator
Using Credit
Credit Reports
Protecting Against Fraud
Consumer rights and responsibilities
Risk Management Types of Insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Home Owner’s Insurance
Car Insurance
Life Insurance
Health Insurance
Protecting Against Fraud
What are Financial Records?