TEKS Personal Finance Standards

TEKS Personal Financial Literacy Standards Alignment

Texas publishes TEKS for Personal Financial Literacy (§113.49), a personal finance-focused course, as part of their social studies standards. These standards align with a fusion of topics from our Personal Finance, Career Readiness,and Investing libraries of activities.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensive Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
The student understands how to set personal financial goals. Budgeting
Spending and Savings Plans
Building Wealth
The student understands how financial statements are used to assess and monitor financial well-being. Investment Research Tool
What are Financial Records?
What is an Income Statement?
Spending and Savings Plans
What is a Balance Sheet?
What is a Cash Flow Statement?
Creating Financial Statements
Net Worth Calculator
Preparing for spending shocks
Budgeting and Saving Strategies
The student analyzes components of compensation from employment. Career Center
Income and Compensation
Preparing For Retirement
Health Insurance
The student critically evaluates consumption decisions. Buy vs Lease Calculator
Car Loan Calculator
Credit Cards
Short-Term Financing
Researching Spending
Home Budget Calculator
The student understands the importance of saving and investing in creating wealth and building assets. Pay Yourself First
Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator
What is Wealth?
The student understands the implementation of a saving and investing plan. Banks, Credit Unions, and Savings and Loans
Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator
Compound Interest Calculator
Investment Return Calculator
Why invest in Stocks?
Building a diversified portfolio
What is a Stock?
What is an ETF?
What is a Mutual Fund?
What is a Bond?
Stock Game
Investment Research Tool
The student demonstrates an understanding of the importance of planning for retirement. Preparing For Retirement
Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator
The student identifies factors that affect credit worthiness. Credit Reports
Debt Management Services
The student evaluates a decision to use credit Using Credit
Credit Cards
Credit Card Payments Calculator
Debit Cards
The student recognizes financial risks faced by individuals and families and identifies strategies for handling these risks. Types of Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Home Owner’s Insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Car Insurance
The student understands how to identify and protect themselves from frauds, schemes, and scams. Protecting Against Fraud
The student recognizes the costs and benefits of various types of college, postsecondary education, and training. Certifications in the Finance Industry
How To Choose an Internship
Career Center