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Using in Personal Finance Classes

A quick look at why this is the coolest thing in education!

Why Use PersonalFinanceLab?

Real World Exercises, Aligned To Standards

Personal Finance Lab is anchored in our cutting-edge educational stock market game, developed with almost 30 years of collaboration with universities and high schools around the world. We combine the real-world excitement of the financial markets with our customizable financial literacy curriculum, aligned to both state and national standards.

This lets teachers mix and match lessons to perfectly compliment what they are already covering in class, all cemented with live data and examples from the real financial markets. This keeps students engaged, and reminded of the specifics of what was covered in class every time they see the news!

How It Works


Create A Stock Game

First, set up a stock market game for your class. You can pick all the settings, like what they can trade, how they need to diversify, and the window for the trading dates.


Choose Your Curriculum

Build “Assignments” by picking lessons from our library of over 300 activities. Mix and match depending on what you’re teaching in class – each assignment has its own start and due dates. You can borrow lessons from our Economics and Business curriculum libraries too, to build a completely customized course outline for your unique class!



Want your students to work in teams? You got it! Only let students trade mutual funds after week 4? No problem! Only let them invest half their portfolio in stocks, the rest in mutual funds or bonds? We built that right in!


Rankings Keep Students Engaged

Class rankings might not seem like much at first, but this is a proven way to get – and keep – your students’ attention. As they build their portfolio, they also complete your assignments and track their progress!


Match Your Class To The Real World

Students need to take notes every time they make a trade – letting you match their trading diary with the topics covered in class. This helps students connect your class to the world around them.


Integrates With Technology

We also work with schools to build Financial Literacy Labs – an amazing way to combine technology and curriculum! Get free posters, interactive LCD screens, and scrolling tickers to build the coolest room at your school.

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