Everything You Need to Know About PersonalFinanceLab

Watch our new teacher tutorial video with an overview of our budget game, stock game, curriculum library, and how to set up a class!

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The Stock Game

Customize the exchanges and securities to suit the level of difficulty for your students. We have loads of tutorial videos on researching and understanding the different types of markets. We also have live data and quoting tools to allow students to perform all their research before investing in our site.
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How to Use the Stock Game?

If you are not sure how to use our stock game, click the button below! 

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The Personal Budget Game

Personal Budgeting Game is set up as a calendar. Students experience managing their own bills, fixed and variable expenses and meeting their savings goals as either a full-time student with a part-time job or a full-time professional. Pop-up lessons integrate core lessons like “Needs vs Wants” or “Credit Cards.” Each month of gameplay takes 20 minutes. However, student progress is saved so this is an excellent bell ringer!
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How to Use the Budget Game?

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The Embedded Curriculum

The curriculum and assignments: choose from investing, personal finance, economics, accounting, marketing, management and more. All grades and progress are exportable into convenient reports to integrate with your other lesson plans.
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6 Subjects, One Tool

In addition to Personal Finance lessons, PersonalFinanceLab.com also includes dozens of integrated activities for economics, accounting, investments, marketing, and management classes!

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