Closed Positions

Your closed positions page will show an estimated profit and loss from all positions you’ve “Closed” (bought then later sold, or shorted and later covered).

Closed Positions


The most important note about your Closed Positions is that it is only an estimate, and nothing on this page is used to calculate your portfolio value. Inaccuracies are usually caused by buying and selling the same security multiple times without fully “closing” the position each time, but it can be caused by other factors as well. Your commission charges are also not factored into this calculation.

For a fully accurate view of where you’ve made and lost money on trades, calculate it manually using your Transaction History page.


This page has more information about each set of trades than any other, so you will need to horizontally scroll to view everything. This is a brief description of some of the information you’ll find:

  • Date is the date you closed the position
  • Order Type specifies the kind of order you placed. The top is the order which “opened” the position, the bottom is the order that “closed” it
  • The multiplier is used in Options and Futures orders to specify the contract size
  • FX rate is your currency exchange rate, this will always be 1 if this security is denominated in the same currency as your portfolio
  • The “Purchase Price” uses a weighted average if you purchased the security at different times at different prices
  • The “P/L” is also based on these weighted averages. It will be very accurate if you buy your shares all at once and sell them all at once, but becomes less accurate if you buy and sell at multiple times