10-03 Staying Informed

Even if you start out as a “buy and hold” investor, staying informed at all times is a critical component to your investment career. Should you be tempted to walk the ever-exciting and dangerous tightrope of day trading, your stream of current information is even more important.

Here are some suggestions that will keep you informed, knowledgeable, and ready to make excellent investment decisions. Your portfolio – and your bank account – will thank you.

Investment Newsletters

You will have many choices of investment newsletters. Don’t be afraid to sign up for the free ones (from legitimate companies), and don’t hesitate to unsubscribe if you get too many or you don’t like their approach. There are so many free and valuable newsletters out there, but here are some of the ones we like:

Some you will love, while others might bore or confuse you. As a newer investor, you should sample these newsletters and find the ones you like and enjoy. Cancel those that make you crazy or offer no value.
Stick with the basics for now. As your knowledge increases and you become more comfortable with the terms and tips you’ve learned in this course, you may want to upgrade the level of information from those newsletters and I am sure you will find others that you like.

Money Management Techniques

You’ve learned some wonderful money management techniques through this course. However, there are other, more sophisticated techniques and new ideas that are published on a regular basis. Surf the web to stay up-to-date and/or learn about new, cutting-edge money management techniques that might help you make even better decisions.

Don’t worry, money management ideas need not be complicated. Most depend more on common sense than mathematics or strange-looking formulae. Stay informed with money management strategies that work for YOU.