Congratulations! You made it through the basic investing course unscathed, armed, and ready to begin a long, successful investment career. You have enough information to begin with some confidence. Remember, you can test your personal investment strategy using the real world simulation. You’ll get all the excitement and results you’d achieve in the market – without risking any of your investment funds.

Remember, you’ve reached the end of this trip, but not THE journey. Keep practicing and constantly improving your personal knowledge base. You will learn which investment types work for you and which do not. Analyze your losses just as diligently as you do your winners.

Enjoy your investment career and the journey as much as the results.

Mark's Tip

You now have the tools you need to start investing your real money. Start slowly and only invest in something if you fully understand it and don’t hesitate to take the first couple profits that you make. It will build your confidence. Email me at and let me know how you are doing or if you have any questions about this course.