Student Reporting

On your Instructor Administration page, you can view all of your student information. This tutorial walks through what each of these pages have, in detail.

Student Accounts

This is the first tab on your report, with some basic information on your students:

ST acc

This report will show you all of your student usernames and passwords, along with their current portfolio value and how many trades they have made.

More Details

The “More Details” button has all of the actual trading history of each student, along with their current holdings. You can switch between the current holdings (open positions) and transaction histories using tabs at the top of the report.

ST tabs


Assignments are a list of tasks for your students to complete. Only the creator of the challenge can create an assignment, as it applies to all students throughout.

If an Assignment exists for your challenge, you can see your student progress here, along with the last time each student logged in, and a “Details” button to see their complete report card.

ST report card


The “Rankings” report is a legacy report for challenges created before July 2016, but still has some information for newer challenges.

To see your class rankings, go to the “Rankings” page under “My Portfolio” on the main menu.

ST rank

Activity Report

The “Activity Report” is a condensed report showing a lot of the portfolio details for all of your students all in one place. It will have all of the following fields:

  • Username – what this team uses to log in
  • Create Date – the date you created this team
  • Orders – This is is the total number of orders a student has placed in the system. This includes orders that did not go through (like limit orders that never have the conditions to execute)
  • Trades – This is the total number of trades that have actually gone through (meaning something was actually bought or sold)
  • Lifetime Trades – Occasionally challenges will have a “practice session” before the real challenge begins, after which all teams are reset. The “Lifetime Trades” counter will include trades a team placed during the Practice Session.
  • Last Login – This is the last time a team has logged in to the platform
  • Last Trade – This is the last time a team has actually placed a trade in the platform
  • Portfolio Value – This is the current value of everything the team is holding, including cash
  • Buying Power – This is the total amount of funds available to use to purchase securities for each team. If this challenge allows margin trading (meaning students are allowed to borrow money), the starting buying power is twice the starting cash. If students are not allowed to borrow money, the cash balance and buying power should be the same.
  • Cash Balance – This is the total amount of cash a team is holding
  • Interest Charged – If a team is borrowing money, they will be charged interest on the loan. This keeps track of the total amount of interest each team has been charged.
  • Interest Earned – Teams also earn interest on cash deposits (just like a savings account). This keeps track of the total amount of interest each team has earned.
  • Market Value Long – This is the total value of all the securities that a team owns
  • Market Value Short – If a team is allowed to short sell, this will keep track of the value of everything they are shorting.
  • Yesterday’s Portfolio Value – This is the portfolio value from the day before, which can help show how the portfolio is growing over time.

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