Investing in Ireland

irish flagIreland is an EU member country with a knowledge-based economy and strong industries in services and technology. With attractive corporate tax rates, Ireland has been ideal destination for multinational corporations.


Ireland’s Main Industries

  Ireland is economically known for its strength in:

  • Agriculture Sector
    • Cattle
    • Beef
    • Dairy
    • Services Sector
      • Financial
        • Banking
        • Asset Management
  • Tourism
  • Mining and Metals Sector
    • Zinc
    • Lead concentrates
    • Alumina
    • Coal
    • Gypsum
    • Limestone
    • Industrial and Manufacturing Sector
      • Construction Sector
        • Residential property
  • Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
  • Technology Sector
    • Hardware
    • Software related goods and services
    • Energy Sector
      • Supply and distribution of natural gas
      • Electricity
      • Coal

Ireland’s Main Stock Exchanges

 The main stock exchange in Ireland is:

  1. 1.      Irish Stock Exchange
    1. Founded in 1793 and is Ireland’s sole independently-owned exchange
    2. Has an established and extensive debt securities trading market
    3. Operates three principal markets

i.     Securities of established domestic and global Irish companies

ii.     Growth-oriented companies

iii.     Debt market

  1. Indices

i.     ISEQ Overall Index


Glimpse into Ireland’s Equity Market

Irish equities experienced negative returns following the 2008 economic crisis. With the Irish banking sector have a heavily credit exposure to a deteriorating and crashing property market, the economy underwent significant problems.

The 3-year return on the ISEQ overall index was -48%. The index has somewhat recovered however, with the last 9 months yielding 4.5%

ISEQ Return

Ireland’s 10 Most Profitable Companies in 2010

Irelands 10 most profitable companies

Ways to Invest in Ireland

There are a couple of different ways to invest in Irish companies:

  • Irish Banks of foreign banks/investment companies in Ireland
    • Allied Irish Banks
    • Anglo Irish Bank
    • Bank of America
    • DePfa Bank
    • KBC Bank Ireland
    • Rabobank Ireland
    • Goldman Sachs Bank (Europe)
    • Irish ETFs
      • EIRL:NYSEArce – seeks to track the MSCI Ireland Capped Investable Market Index
      • EKH:NYSEArce aims to allow diversification through the performance of some of the largest European companies listed on the US market (has some exposure to Irish companies)
      • Through some international online brokers:
        • MB Trading
        • Interactive Brokers
        • TD Ameritrade
        • E-Trade
        • Questrade
        • optionsXpress
        • optionshouse
        • tradeMONSTER
        • Charles Schwab