Market Segmentation is a tool companies can use to personalize marketing to a target audience. It means tailoring both the product, and the promotion of a product, differently to different types of people

Personal selling is when businesses use people to “sell” the product to a customer face-to-face.  These sales people promote the product with every aspect of themselves. The salesman has tools provided by their marketing team, but actually closing the deal is based mostly on personal interaction.

The Human Resources (HR) department at a business is in charge of everything from hiring and firing employees, organizing and implementing training programs, resolving internal conflicts, determining the pay scales, and everything in between. Managers work with their HR departments to fill vacancies and resolve conflicts – both of which can require careful planning

When holding a job, there are usually certain people that have specific “titles” that describe the work that they do.  With those titles, comes the chain of command, which can be looked at as a flow chart: The CEO –> who oversees Management –> who oversees Associates. While the chain of command is fairly straightforward, the middle part, or Management, has many different ways of functioning.

Payroll is run weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even semi-monthly, so for each pay cycle, taxes need to be calculated and reported. All tax payments need to be calculated for each pay cycle, then filed once per quarter. Therefore, Payroll Accounting is an involved process that properly accounts for all taxe

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