Every high school student makes a choice when they are about to graduate – enter the job market right away, enter a trade school, or enroll in a university? While you can always switch paths later in life, the year immediately after graduation will have a ripple effect that can last a lifetime!

Have you ever thought about a career in the finance industry? Have you wondered what is required to be considered a professional in the stock trading world?  You’ll need to know about the SIE exam, Series 7, Series 63, CFA, CPA, CFP, and more!

Use this tool to search for jobs and internships, either near you or around the world. A great way to get introduced to the job market, and identify what qualifications you need to build to land your dream job!

Experienced workers have a job search lasting about 43 days, and fresh graduates can expect a longer wait. Your search will be much harder if you make one of the following very common mistakes. Avoiding all 5 of the mistakes described in this article will not promise an interview, but hitting any might mean you are missing out.

Internships are an increasingly popular phenomenon, with a little over 1.5 million positions per year in the United States. But not all internships are created equally – students with paid internships typically get a lot better experience and better job prospects than those with unpaid positions!

Have an interview coming up? Looking to improve your interview skills? Show up on time. Be neat and clean. Know exactly what you’re there for, take notes, and ask questions!

How can you get your resume read, let alone rise to the top of the pile? Enter keywords – your new job search best friend. In big companies, your resume will have to get past a robot filter before human eyes ever see it, so pay attention to key words to get past the gatekeeper!