“Wealth” means having an abundance of something desirable. This can be tangible, like money and property, or intangible.

Financial Records are what you use to have an easy way to tell where all your money and assets are, and exactly how much you have, at any given time. Most people’s financial records will not look the same as anyone else’s, because each person has unique ways of organizing their information to make it most accessible for him- or herself.

This tool will also help you see exactly how much you can set aside for savings every month!

This calculator will help show the impact of many of the biggest factors people need to consider when taking out their first loan for a big purchase!

Use this Credit Card Payment Calculator to see how easily and quickly credit card debt builds!

Click on this post for an Investment Return and Compounding Interest calculator to test out how compound interest can effect your personal finances!

The Advanced Investment Return Calculator can help you find the difference between simple and compound interest or see how big an impact your tax rates and inflation have on your savings over time!

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Use the calculator to see if buying or leasing a home is better for you!

Use this calculator to find Net Present Value, based off expected annual growth, cash flow over a variable number of years, and separations of cash flow between investments and operations.

Use this calculator to calculate an Internal Rate of Return!

The idea behind insurance is that there are random bad – and expensive – things that happen to just about anyone. Car crashes, medical emergencies, and other problems that can destroy your personal saving and investing plans if they happen. To protect against this, insurance companies work to pool the resources of many people together in one group.