Kentucky Standards Alignment

We compared our curriculum and the core financial literacy concepts that are covered in our Budget and Stock Games to the Personal Finance standards for the state of Kentucky.

A list of the Personal Financial Literacy Expectations for Kentucky are below, along with a selection of activities from our games and library that align with each standard. Our curriculum library contains over 300 total lessons that can be customized for every class, so this may not include every lesson that may apply for each standard.


  • : Long-Term Game
  • : Comprehensive Chapter
  • : Short Lesson
  • : Interactive Calculator
  • : Includes Automatically-Graded Assessment
Develop and manage financial goals for the future based on one’s career choice and lifestyle expectations to meet the needs of individuals and families.Lesson – Career Development
Lesson – Family Planning
Lesson – Preparing for Retirement
Explain how income can be earned (e.g., wages, commission) or unearned (e.g., interest, capital gains).Lesson – Income and Compensation
Lesson – What is Money?
Lesson – Building Wealth
Explain net income (i.e., wages and salaries minus payroll deductions equal net income or takehome pay).Budget Game – Core Component
Lesson – Income and Compensation
Lesson – Tax Filing and the Form 1040
Compare a variety of credit sources from which consumers can choose to borrow.Lesson – Using Credit
Lesson – Short-Term Financing
Lesson – Good Debt, Bad Debt
Lesson – Banks, Credit Unions, and Savings and Loans
Compare the costs and benefits of buying on credit that are key to making a good borrowing decision.Lesson – Managing Credit
Activity – Use the Credit Card Payments Calculator
Activity – Use the Buy vs Lease Calculator
Evaluate financial management resources and how they are needed to meet the goals of individuals and families by: a. prioritizing financial goals. b. creating a budget including income, expenses (fixed/flexible), and savings. c. developing and explaining a savings plan and budget based on specific short and long term financial goalsBudget Game – Core Component
Lesson – Pay Yourself First
Lesson – Budgeting
Lesson – Spending and Saving Strategies
Lesson – Family Planning
Lesson – Preparing for Retirement
Apply decision making strategies when buying products.Budget Game – Core Component
Lesson – Planning Long Term Purchases
Lesson – Researching Spending
Compare and evaluate products and services based on major factors (e.g., brand name, price, quality feature, availability) when making consumer decisions.Lesson – Researching Spending
“Investigate how culture, media and technology impact the family and consumer decision making by: a. explaining ways consumer buying practices are influenced by social factors, economic principles, peer pressure, desire for status and advertising techniques. b. exploring the impact of positive and negative effects of advertising techniques (e.g., bandwagon, facts and figures, emotional appeal, endorsement/testimonials, free samples, coupons, use of gimmicks, misleading/false information, social media).”Lesson – Budgeting
Lesson – Analyzing Consumer Behavior
Lesson – The Business Cycle
Lesson – Consumer rights and responsibilities
Lesson – Ethics In Marketing
List examples of investments for current income and investments for future growth.Investing101 Certification
Lesson – Building a Diversified Portfolio
Lesson – Investing Strategies
Lesson – Preparing for Retirement
Lesson – Building Wealth
Compare the relationship between supply and demand and their role in meeting consumer needs.Lesson – Supply and Demand Examples in the Stock Market
Lesson – The Benefits of Competition
Research federal government depository insurance coverage and limits related to consumer bank and credit union accounts.Investing101 Certification
Lesson – Banks, Credit Unions, and Savings and Loans
Lesson – Preparing for Retirement
Lesson – Property Rights
Investigate the use of insurance to cover risk of financial loss (e.g. liability, health, auto, renter, home).Lesson – Car insurance
Lesson – Health Insurance
Lesson – Rental Insurance
Lesson – Home Owner’s Insurance
Lesson – Life Insurance

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