Investing in Albania

Albania is one of south eastern European countries that have shown promising economic growth potential. It has been increasingly attracting foreign direct investment and possesses a strong agriculture and natural resources industry.

Albania’s Main Industries

Albanias Main Industries 

Albania’s Main Stock Exchange

The main stock exchange in Albania is:

  1. 1.      Tirana Stock Exchange (TSE)
    1. Previously operated as one of Albania’s central bank departments before becoming independent
    2. Is a member of the Euro-Asian Federation of Stock Exchanges (FEAS)
    3. Principal areas of exchange trading

i.     Equities

ii.     Treasury bills

iii.     Government and municipal bonds

iv.     Corporate bonds


Albania’s Economic and Investment Climate

Due to a combination of low debt levels and an absence of a housing bubble, Albania has weathered the recent global recession quite well. Foreign investment in Albania grew by around 173% from 2006 to 2009 reflecting a strong investment climate and outlook.

Albania’s banking system continues to develop amid its progress towards a developed market economy, providing a stable financial system environment.

Natural resources are considerable, and include oil, gas, coal, iron, copper, chrome, and water.

Albania’s 10 Most Profitable Companies

Ways to Invest in Albania

There are a couple of different ways to invest in Albanian companies:

  • Through Albanian regional banks and financial companies
    • Raiffeisen Bank
    • National Commercial Bank
    • Triumf group
    • Alpha Bank
    • Societe Generale Albania
    • ETFs
      • Some US listed ETFs with exposure to Albanian stocks
        • WCAT: NYSEArca
        • CNDA: NYSEArca