Financial Literacy Curriculum for Teaching Personal Finance classes

Financial Literacy

Our financial literacy educational platform makes learning fun
with our engaging games, activities and integrated curriculum.

  • Our curriculum library includes 300+ standards aligned Lessons
  • Use as a self-paced learning tool or as a supplement to other classroom materials
  • Curriculum covers Personal Finance, Investing, Economics, Business, Accounting, Career Prep and Entrepreneurship topics
  • Customizable by instructors for the grade level and class subject
Sample Lessons Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Aligned to National Standards

Both the lessons and the course outlines provided by PersonalFinanceLab have been designed to align with the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy and Council for Economic Education National Standards. The personal budgeting game, the stock market game and the financial literacy curriculum together provide students an opportunity to practice making smart financial decisions. These are life-long skills that allow students to graduate with the knowledge and skills to be financially literate.

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Financial Literacy Lessons

Our curriculum library contains over 300 lessons on Personal Finance, Economics, Business and Investing. Each teacher chooses which part of the curriculum they want included into their students’ games. Click on the button below to open a new window and view the entire list of lessons by subject.

What’s Included with our Curriculum?

Interactive Content

Each lesson takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, with interactive calculators, videos,and mini game activities to make learning a more engaging experience. Students can learn about what it takes to become a millionaire with the activity called, “Saving To Be A Millionaire!” or how to decide between buying a new or used car in the lesson, “Buy vs Lease Calculator!” calculator. Students can even practice filling out a check in the “What is Money?” lesson. The integrated videos are short, easy to understand and integrated right into the lessons.

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curriculum pop quiz

Integrated Assessments

Self-graded pop quizzes track student progress, and are included in every assignment. They include 3-5 multiple choice questions that are related to that specific lesson. They require no previous knowledge to be able to complete each of them. You can customize your assignments, specifying when students need to have their lessons completed by, or whether they need to finish certain lessons before starting others.

Students can even earn a reward for completing their assignments. Choose whether their rewards are added to their stock portfolio or to their budget game!

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teacher reports

Teacher Reports

Find out how much time your students are spending on the platform, which questions your class is struggling with the most in their assignments, their actions in the budget game and trades in the budget game.

The teacher reports can be customized if the presets do not fit your needs, and can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets.

See our Sample 9-Week Course Outline

State Standards Alignments

The curriculum library aligns with several state and national standards for Personal Finance, Business and Economics. Click on the state links below to see how our lessons align with each.

Financial Literacy Certificates

When students complete 12 months of the Budget Game,
25 trades in the Stock Game and the 50 personal finance lessons, they are eligible to earn this completion certificate.

financial literacy certificate of completion

When students complete the 10 chapters of the Investing101 Course, they are eligible to earn this completion certificate.

Tests your students’ knowledge of personal finance. We offer the certification before or after you use PersonalFinanceLab to prove that your students learned the core concepts. To learn more about the exam process click here.

Students earn completion certificates. After completing the Investing101 curriculum or the Personal Finance Curriculum, students earn a completion certificate they can print and keep for their records.

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