Teacher Resource Packet

This resource packet has everything you need to successfully use the Personal Budgeting game and the Virtual Stock Game in your class; whether it’s remote or in person.

Logging In

Once you have your account, you can log in directly at personalfinancelab.com – just click “Login” at the top left of the page. Teachers and students use the same button to log in. If you want a link to share on your LMS, you can also take students directly to the login page: https://personalfinancelab.com/login

Administration Menu

Your admin account gives you access to an Administration button from the main menu. If you hover over it you will have three columns of buttons. The first column are for editing or creating new sessions or classes. The second column is for your assignments, you can view, edit or create new ones. The third column has useful resources and guides, your registration file and the “Manage Teams” button for the Stock Game.

To access your students’ usernames and passwords, click “Registration File/Password Resets”. As the name suggests, you can reset your students’ passwords if they forget or lose them.

Admin Dashboard

From your admin dashboard you can post an announcement to your class. Your students will be able to see this when they login from most pages on the platform. Beside this widget are other quick access links to edit or create new classes and for your assignments.

“My Reports” has links to the most popular reports; the registration file, summary report, budget game report and stock game report. The “Summary Report” is where you can find the registration link to your class, as well as an overview of how many students have registered versus who have started using the platform.

When students log in, they are taken directly to the student dashboard. To see what it looks like click the button “Switch to Student View”. Students can access their assignments, the Budget Game or the Stock Game and have other widgets with useful information.

Student Dashboard

How to Play the Stock Game

This is an introduction video for students who are new to the Stock Game from PersonalFinanceLab. You will learn about the following features from the platform.

  • 0:08 – My Portfolio Widget
  • 0:24 – Getting Trading Ideas
  • 0:31 – Symbol Lookup
  • 0:57 – Access Trading Pages
  • 1:09 – Placing a Trade
  • 1:45 – Order Types
  • 1:54 – Trading Tutorial Videos
  • 2:04 – Preview Order & Adding Trade Notes
  • 2:30 – Stock Game Menu
  • 2:37 – Portfolio Summary Page
  • 3:01 – Open Positions Page
  • 3:50 – My Rankings

How to Play the Budget Game

This is an introduction video for students who are new to the Budget Game from PersonalFinanceLab. You will learn about the following features from the platform.

  • 0:08 – How to Access the Budget Game
  • 0:26 – Setting Your Fixed Expenses
  • 1:11 – Building Your Monthly Budget
  • 1:26 – Upcoming Income
  • 1:43 – Expected Cash Outflow
  • 2:11 – Savings Goals
  • 2:28 – Building Your Emergency Savings Fund
  • 2:50 – Pop-up Choice Cards. Random Unplanned Expenses
  • 3:09 – Pop-up Choice Cards. Needs vs. Wants (Balancing Quality of Life)
  • 3:38 – Pop-up Choice Cards. Weekly Income (Pay Day!)
  • 3:49 – Pop-up Choice Cards. Weekend Options
  • 4:12 – Pop-up Choice Cards. Financial Literacy Lessons
  • 4:26 – Managing Your Expenses
  • 4:56 – Credit Card Statements
  • 5:09 – Game Scores
  • 5:32 – Budget Game Menu
  • 5:55 – My Apartment
  • 6:07 – Game Rankings

Student Guide

Feel free to share this Student Guide with your students!

Student Guide – PersonalFinanceLab

Lesson Plans

You have access to the library of lesson plans that utilizes our full curriculum of assignments. You can access the lesson plans at any time from the Administration button on the main menu. Click “Guides & Tutorials” and then scroll through the list until you see “Lesson Plans”.

If you’re using our platform for the first time, here are the “cornerstone” plans for both the personal finance and investing topics

Personal Finance Lesson Plans

Investment Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan includes slideshows to teach key glossary terms, as well as suggestions for class activities and discussion questions to reinforce all the experiential knowledge acquired through using the budget game and stock game.

Integrated Pop-up Lessons

To be able to follow along with your students, you can use this downloadable PDF that includes all the integrated lessons in the Budget Game.

Financial Literacy Pop-up Lessons

Here are some examples of the lessons that your students will encounter:

  • Budgeting and Estimating Expected Expenses
  • Mortgages – Facts and Fiction
  • Writing Checks

Please note that students encounter 1 to 2 pop-up lessons in each month of gameplay. This is separate from the learning library of assignments you can customize for the needs of your class.

Learning Library

Expand your students’ understanding of personal finance, investing, economics, accounting and more with our curriculum of assignments and self-grading assessments. Use one of course outlines to guide you, or mix and match topics as you see fit. Below are links to our 9-week and 18-week course outlines:

You can view the full learning library from the Admin main menu.

  • Reward students for completing assignments
  • Pace student progress by batching assignments and using the prerequisite feature
  • Set dates for each assignment so students have clear start and end dates

Video Library

To help introduce concepts in a bite-sized format, we also have a big Personal Finance video library. Each video is short and easy to digest – feel free to grab a few and share with your class!

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