Personalized Introduction Webinar

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Personalized introduction webinar to Personal Finance Lab for all the teachers using our platform at your school! This is typically a 1-hour session where a member of our team walks through all the features of PFinLab in detail, along with open discussion with teachers throughout on best practices for usage in their specific classes and integration with existing course outlines.

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The training webinar is an optional set-up feature available for PFinLab to ensure new teachers get the absolute most out of the platform. The introduction webinar last 45-90 minutes, depending on how many teachers are involved, and is conducted by a senior member of our product development and account management team. 

The intro webinar is optional – recordings of previous webinars are available on-demand for all teachers on PFinLab. The main advantage of the “live” version is the walkthrough on creating your first class, and discussion of some of the back-end features that might not be immediately obvious for all teachers. This is also a great medium to get in on the ground floor to get access to new and experimental features for your class – before they are available to all teachers!

PersonalFinanceLab School Site License includes:

Budget Game

Students learn how to balance their income and expenses and meet their monthly savings goals while using a checking, savings, and credit card accounts.

Stock Game

Students experience investing in the stock market with real-time prices and live rankings. All research and quoting tools are available on site.

Fully Customizable & Student Tracking

Choose the specific rules and settings for your class. These can also be updated as the simulation progresses through the semester. Detailed reporting tools allow you to track student grades and progress.

Supplemental Learning Materials

Reinforce key concepts in class with 300+ standards aligned lessons, videos, and group activities.

Personalized Customer Support

Your dedicated account manager will contact you within 1 business day after you place your order. They will assist you with onboarding and student rostering. HelpDesk Technical Support is available for your students.

Market Insight Widgets

Project live data from your students’ activities on the platform, turning your classroom into the coolest place at your school!