Offering your students four exciting and fun features: A Personal Budget Game A Stock Game Built-in Lessons with Pop Quizzes National Challenge with the opportunity to win prizes 5 great reasons to invite your students to the challenge! Your students will gain valuable experience by building a monthly budget They will learn how to manage Read More…

This course outline is designed for a 9-week Personal Finance Class. It makes heavy use of PersonalFinanceLab’s budget and stock games, as well as our curriculum library and assessments to measure student progress. Notice for teachers joining our Free Financial Literacy Events – Our free events do not have full admin access for teachers – Read More…

PersonalFinaceLab’s curriculum library is packed full of automatically-graded quizzes and assessments at the end of every lesson. However, to give students an additional push, you may also want to assign students open-ended questions for short written assignments, or launching points for class discussion. Most of our Personal Finance lessons end with 4-6 “Challenge Questions” – Read More…

See our introduction webinar to walk through every aspect of creating your class, adding assignments, viewing reports, and much more.

See our collection of personal finance, economics, investing, savings, business, math, and social studies lesson plans to kick start your class. Includes over 50 lesson plans ranging across every grade level, with suggested class activities and ways to integrate the stock game and other learning resources, both for in-class activities and homework.

To create your contest, log in as an administrator, and find your Administrator menu at the top left of the page and click on “Create Challenge”. Click on this post for a video demonstration!

If your school also ordered our Widget Pack for display screens, this tutorial will walk you through the first set-up! Prefer “Text and Image” guides? Keep reading! What You Need To get started, there’s a few things you’ll need: A site license to A separate license for our Widget Bundle A Smart TV with Read More…

Assignments are a great way to manage your class’s activities around the simulation and this learn center, giving you the ability to track your student’s progress in trading, reading articles, and using our calculators. This will be a quick overview of what Assignments are, and how you can best make use of them in your classroom.

This post contains a guide that will illustrate the different reporting tools instructors have at their disposal. The Reports page can be accessed under the Administration menu at the top of the page.

This is a library of Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations designed to accompany lessons built into the Personal Finance Lab assignments.

Click here to learn how to communicate with students!

There are over 600 articles, videos, and calculators in the Personal Finance Lab Learn Center. However, we have selected the best 100 for use in personal finance classes, with integration with the Pfinlab Assignments feature.

Teaching a personal finance class? We have some great class ideas on how to integrate the portfolio simulation and educational content with your classes!

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